Automatic Transmission & Manual Repair

If it’s on the road long enough, eventually every transmission will need to be rebuilt. Its components are designed to wear out over time; it’s a necessary part of the transmission’s operation.

Hopefully yours won’t wear out for many years. But when it does, there’s no better place to bring your transmission than INTERGRITY TRANSMISSIONS

Because even our name says “transmission.” We’ve been specializing in rebuilding transmissions since the first automatic transmissions began rolling off the assembly line. And we’ve built our reputation by providing quality rebuilds at a terrific price.

At INTEGRITY TRANSMISSION, we don’t just replace the worn out parts. We build in the very latest updates, to bring your transmission beyond like-new performance. We use the finest parts available, and make sure that every transmission we rebuild is set to the “sweet spot,” where it can perform at its very best and keep performing that way for miles.

Of course, not every transmission problem needs a rebuild. Sometimes what seems like the transmission can be something else entirely. That’s okay, because our technicians are up on the latest diagnostic procedures, so you can be sure that, when you bring your transmission problem to INTERGITY TRANSMISSIONS, you’ll never pay for a rebuild unless you really need it.

Air Conditioning Recharge & Repair

Don't show up sweaty to a meeting/date from a bad air conditioning system. Call us for A/C repair in Sarasota, Florida for the best auto air conditioning service! Our A/C Specialists keep you cool by providing repairs for air conditioning systems in cars of all makes and models, including:

• General Motors™
• Ford™
• Chrysler™
• Volkswagen™
• Toyota™
• Nissan™
• BMW™
• Mercedes™

Whenever you come to our shop for car service, you receive excellent turnaround time and competitive pricing. The prices for auto air conditioning system repairs vary according to the specific leaks in your system and the parts that need replacing.